How can the Rockets turn this series around?

Despite it only being one game, the reality of losing the home-court to Golden State even with a dominant performance from James Harden brings serious questions as to whether the Rockets can compete with the Warriors. What adjustments can they make if their isolation plays are not effective? Also in this episode is a recap of game 1 between the Celtics and Cavs, and we go into the mailbag and respond to some questions.

cavs celtics preview

Cavs Celtics Preview

Technically this a rematch of last years Eastern Conference Finals, but both teams have gone through such dramatic overhauls that it’s virtually an afterthought. What isn’t an afterthought is chess game that is destined to unfold between Brad Stevens and LeBron James. Also in this episode we dissect how significant Ben Simmons jumpshot is as a weakness, an odd week for Dwayne Casey, and I answer so many questions that I start to lose my voice. Enjoy the show!

Rockets Warriors Preview

Most people are calling this the true NBA Finals, and they’re not wrong. These are the two best teams left in the playoffs, and it’s a showdown we all want to see. But the question remains about if the Warriors can actually play at the Rockets pace? This is the first time since the Splash…