How Good Was Dr. J?

Despite revolutionizing the game of basketball with his style and flair, along with collecting 3 world championships, 4 regular season MVP awards, being selected to 16 all-star games and amassing over 30k points, 10k rebounds, 5k assists, 2k steals, and nearly 2k blocks, Dr J still finds himself being vastly underrated by NBA fans. Let’s…

SLAM Top 100 NBA Players Of All Time Is A Joke

Episode 29 features a breakdown of SLAM’s top 100 players; Zaza Pachulia avoiding suspension; could we see a change in the NBA logo; has the gap between conferences re-emerged; and thoughts on LeBron reaching 30k points, 8k rebounds, and 8k assists.

Russell Westbrook vs LeBron James Comparison

Russell Westbrook often receives criticism for his style of play on the offensive end of the floor, but is it warranted? In this episode, we take a closer look at comments from Colin Cowherd and see if he has a legitimate point.

Celtics and Cavs Reaction

Episode 27 features reaction to the Cavs and Celtics Game, along with how the Knicks are going with their rebuild, a discussion around Shawn Kemp (including a comparison of him to Blake Griffin), what if the Suns built around Jason Kidd, how good would Arvydas Sabonis have been on the Blazers in his prime, and is…

NBA Trade Deadline

Are the Cavs suddenly back in contention after their deals at the NBA Trade Deadline? Is Tom Brady still in contention for the G.O.A.T. with Jordan despite his loss at the Superbowl? How does the struggles for the Cavs affect LeBron’s legacy? And how petty is the John Wall vs Beal and Gortat situation in…